facade consulting technical office
PL 02-699 Warszawa
Kłobucka 23C lok. 118
t: +48 22 848 22 12
f: +48 22 848 22 14
NIP PL 865-171-95-70
REGON 830453265
ALTRO PROJEKT is a technical advisory office facade specializing in complex façade works in design, consultancy and supervision.

The company is founded by Christopher Brodaczewski, who works in the façade as a designer and consultant since 1996, co-owner in the period 2002 to 2009 the company Intro Projekt.

The experience gained from the implementation of many prestigious projects in the country and abroad is guaranteed to meet the expectations of customers and building partnerships with our clients is one of the key objectives of our company.

The team consists of qualified engineers, having a construction license for the design and management of construction works, without limitation, the construction and building specialties, associated in Mazovia Regional Chamber of Civil Engineers.

In addition to the skills and expertise of the company focuses on the reliability, efficiency, and the organization as a good atmosphere at work as a team is the strength of our company.

The company has a Personal Liability Insurance designer:
- 350 000 € (EURO) for one event for Damages for Personal Property, and the Property
- 350 000 € (EURO) for all events for Damages for Personal Property, and the Property

msc. eng. Christopher Brodaczewski

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